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Ukrainian printed products. European quality, Ukrainian prices!"

PrintStore Group - offers its customers one of the best printing services in Ukraine making newspapers, magazines, brochures, booklets, catalogues, books, leaflets and other printed products in Ukraine.

Our cutting-edge Heidelberg CD 102, Uniset Man Roland presses allow top-quality printing of any complexity in various formats and quantity on all paper and cardboard types, with post-printing processing and UV varnishing.

Your first advantage from deciding to print with us is your EVA as printing prices in Ukraine are considerably cheaper than in European countries, however, we secure printing quality meeting the highest industry standards.

The online calculator website is an innovative solution developed by our company. Thanks to this unique printing resource your stand-alone calculation of Ukrainian printing prices and placing an online printing order will become a matter of minutes.

Our calculators will help you promptly estimate the price of your printed products choosing their different parameters, experiment with different formats and quantities, numbers of pages, paper densities, colour gamut saving a maximum of time for you thanks to as simple and transparent calculations as possible.

The calculator will choose the printing technology (heatset printing, coldset printing, sheet offset printing) best fitting the parameters set.

In addition to printing we offer our customers professional print design, making up, creating editorial projects. We provide 'from scratch' publication concepts, preparing materials, copywriting, editorial services, selecting photos, designing, making up and printing with our presses.

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