E-Ink is known by a lot of people because of e-books, but this technology has a lot more to offer. Recently, drivers could spot trucks on the roads that are equipped with a billboard at the rear showing content that has been adjusted to their current location. Previously, the dimensions of truck advertising were very limited. It was only possible to cover them with adhesive foil so that advertisers had to opt for general content fitting everywhere at any time.

The new truck display is constantly showing images coming from a wireless camera attached to the front of the truck. With the help of these images, it becomes easier for road users to decide whether it is safe to overtake or not. The principle of this system was adopted and further developed by the German interactive advertising company RoadAds together with the Slovenian E-Ink developer Visionect. They created a live truck screen that can be used for more than just overtaking.

E-Ink Displays as a New Medium for Visual Communication

The innovation of their E-Ink-based system: It is also able to provide location targeted advertising in real-time and GPS-triggered information such as the distance to the next service area, traffic jams, or constructions sites ahead.

The fact that there are about 2.8 million trucks in Germany with each having 500.000 views a day clearly shows the potential of trucks for displaying advertisement. The first 1.000 RoadAds E-Ink truck displays are expected to become commercially available in June 2017 but since November 2016 five trucks are on their way as part of a pilot trial.

In order to provide real-time content, the billboard, combined of four 32-inch displays, is equipped with GPS, 4G and a WiFi module. With the help of these features, a truck’s location can be determined exactly. This enables advertisers not only to create content matching the current geographic and cultural context but also helps increasing the effectiveness of truck ads: For instance, the ads on a truck moving from Germany to Spain can be switched while passing the state borders.

The Benefits of E-Ink Displays

As the display surfaces of the trucks have to be absolutely resistant to light and weather the use of the right technology is very important. These are the main reasons why RoadAds and Visionect decided to choose this technology:


As electronic component reflects light like conventional ink on paper, E-Ink products are easily readable even in direct sunlight. Furthermore, E-Ink provides a stable image and a wide viewing angle.

Lowest Power Consumption

E-Ink can be described as a low power technology because once an image is set, it does not consume energy no matter how long it is displayed. As no light pollution is emitted, this technology is compliant with EU regulations.

To put it in a nutshell: In comparison to other display technologies, E-Ink delivers the look, form and utility of paper while offering design freedom, manufacturing flexibility and the ultimate in readability.