Excursion to the printing production facilities organized for PrintStore kids!))

Do your children know where you, their parents, work? Summer holidays offer a great opportunity to introduce the place where you spend most of your time to your most curious family members!

This is what Printstore Group did. We showed our children how their favorite magazine “PІZNAYKO” is born. It was a real pleasure to look at their astonished round eyes discovering the wonderful world of printing. After all, it is a real miracle to see through a magnifying lens that a color on any printed image is actually a combination of small dots, or to learn that all colors existing in our world is the ratio of only four basic printing colors: blue like the sky Cyan, red as a raspberry Magenta, yellow as the sun Yellow, and basic black, without which it is impossible to write any text – Key!

And itisalso a miracle to see the layout of the magazine “Pіznayko” first on the computer monitor, then the well-knownimages on paper -on tremendous sheets A1, then observea funny process of folding into notebooks,followed with an entertaining process of cutting magazine blocks at a huge guillotine, with an open mouth)), then watch the process of stapling “Pіznayko” notebooks with two staples on the long-looong conveyor with the three-sided trimming … And finally, to hold in their hands the very recent sample of a new issue of “Pіznayko”!

After the excursion to the production site, we finalized the learned material at the festive table. Delicious juices and, certainly, w18














w1pizza as an inevitable part of anyparty, all dissolved virtually in seconds. At the end of our holiday, we held a competition among these future publishers for the best picture – an illustration for a new book! By the way, the task was to draw the most memorable thing seen during the excursion to the production site. Almost most of the kids confidently painted theirbeloved moms and dads!)) Thus,they all got prizes. Now, our children are proud to say that they are real PRINTSTORE members!

Dear friends, we encourage all of you not to miss such a great opportunity and to organize during holidays some educationalexcursions for your kidsto your entertaining production sites. Those of you, who would like to get our younger generation acquainted with the basics of printing science, we welcome you to visit us on our open days! We are always happy to extend the outlook of your young learners!))