EXPERT‪ ‎OPINION: Why web-based instruments fail to replace the printed products

Yulia Kuznetsova, Head of Design, PRINTSTORE GROUP

In today’s world of sales, web-based resources are becoming increasingly popular. It is little wonder, as almost any confident PC user is able to place on the Internet a detailed description and a colorful picture of the product he offers to his clients. However, among the tons of daily information raining down a consumer through the screen of his device, your e-catalogue is by no means something special and remarkable. A person perceives it just as a scrawling line. He seems to be interested in specifications, studies photos and with a clever expression gets a move onto the Internet to compare prices, look for more lucrative offers, or his attention simply switches to a pretty picture of a kitten. That is why we are here to tell you an alternative story, ending up with real sales and a happy end.

It is YOU, who come to a client. In your hands, there is a treasure trove – a catalogue in a printed form, shining and lighting up all around you! Leather-bound, on a coated paper, with an embossed logo of the company on the cover. The client takes it in his hands, examines the cover, and touches it.


The companies, which created for a client a small printing masterpiece called “catalogue”, will never be ranges among impersonal, abstractive web-entrepreneurs. This is because a catalogue is an outcome of joint efforts of customer managers, designers, reprography specialists, print operators… The never-ending updating of layouts, the choice of paper, of type of binding, and, surely, the soul and heart they lent to paper and ink.

Well now, here is your client, having carefully explored the catalogue, closes it and is about to give it back to you, you take it, but he … keeps holding it:

– Can I have this catalogue with me, please? To show your product to my colleagues and friends?

– Certainly, you can! This is why we do our job :).