EXPERT ‎OPINION: The printed catalogue is also an outstanding event in the life of your company and an integral part of your history.

Oleg Doroshenko, Director of Printstore Group of Companies

The use of such a traditional instrument of communication with clients as a printed catalogue can bring significant benefits, and, along with other tools, greatly enhance your communication with a client, make it lasting, remarkable and memorable, and therefore effective.

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With reference to the communicative potential of any printed catalogue of a company, we primarily imply the following values:

– uniqueness, as any printed edition itself is a unique product that brings added value to any company;

– attention-getting value: surprise your client visually, make contact with a potential buyer, because a successful design concept of the printed catalogue can ensure a positive impression of the potential buyer and is hardly to leave him indifferent to your brand, whereas tactile properties of the catalogue can literally help “touch” your brand;

– presentation value: catalogue is the image of your company, as the catalogue is, basically, aimed at the provision of potential buyers’ audience with the information about your business and production capacities;

– informative value: a printed catalogue allows to give insight into the full range of your capabilities, as well as visually informs potential buyers about your company’s products or services;

– #‎promptness of information supplied: a client acquires information from the catalogue “here and now” in an available form both of the technical characteristics / properties of the products offered and their prices and other details;

– ‎relevance: a potential client, while flipping through the pages of your printed catalogue, always gets exactly that information, which he is looking for;

– utility: a printed catalogue can help your potential buyer find and project the goods offered into the interior of his house, whether it’s a new collection of furniture or tiles, choose the most suitable color, and as a whole, visualize his future purchase.

On top of all “utilities” and communication values of a catalogue, remember that the printed catalogue is also an outstanding event in the life of your company and an integral part of your history.