EXPERT ‪‎OPINION: ‪‎Catalogue is a crown of marketing position of the company on the market and an effective tool of attracting new clients.

Vladislav Zaitsev, Key Account Manager at PRINTSTORE GROUP:

Well, where does a catalogue start? Where any marketing activity does. First, we have to decide upon:

– who we are on the market,

– what our target audience is, and

– how we position ourselves on the market.

As a result, we come to the understanding, which tools let us stand out among others. How we can use this in our catalogue, and how we are going to make our consumers believe that our products are the best. Also, how we can cause them to buy from our company, not competitors.

The next stage is to determine how, actually, we see our catalogue and which communication channels we will use to deliver it to clients.

In case of direct sales – ‪‎compact size and ‪‎creativity. In case of image-focused products – ‪‎style and ‪‎brand awareness. And in case of direct mailing to clients – definitely, light weight and compact size.

What is important is to thoroughly assess and think through all the ‪‎details. Thus, it will give a clear understanding of the format of the printing, the paper and the type of stitching to choose. ‪‎Possibility and ‪‎appropriateness of post-printing treatment to make your catalogue individual and charming.