EXPERT OPINION: Catalogue is a keystone of market position of your company and an effective way to win new customers

Vladislav Zaitsev, Key Account Manager at PRINTSTORE GROUP:

Catalogue production is a complicated and time-consuming process. However, a correctly implemented project may significantly add to your position on the market. Preparation of catalogue can be divided into several stages:

1) Forming the content (concept, photos and texts).

2) Layout.

3) ‎Color correction.

It is essential to complete every stage in a proper way, even though it may require significant investments. For instance, successful pictures can be used again and again over a number of years. A properly prepared layout can let you save significantly on upgrading your catalogue; there will be needed to introduce only the required changes and – voi la – you will get an updated catalogue ready for the new season.

Most significantly is to mind a catalogue design that is supposed to become the “face” of your company. It needs to be unique, recognizable and easy to understand. It is also very important for the person, who develops the design, to clearly understand the process of printing, given the fact that reflection of colors on a PC monitor and those in print may differ very much.

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