EXPERT OPINION: Every catalogue is like a single masterpiece of marketing, designing and copywriting art

Tatiana Pavlovskaya, Director of Marketing at Printstore Group:

No template can help make a proper, sales-boosting catalogue of high-quality. Every single catalogue comes into existence subject to particular marketing tasks, industry specifics and the nature of goods and services to be presented therein. A few simple examples below illustrate this fact.

Furniture and interior catalogues require precise 3D-visualization, accurate transfer of image color when printing, because the color must be completely identical to the one of furniture.

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Travel brochures must have bright, colorful pictures and up-to-date presentable design.

With catalogues meant for agricultural sector, one should take into consideration a volume of textual information including description of a certain product or an entire direction. At this point, makeup function is of particular importance to make text readable in any scope.

Construction companies often use various additional effects in their catalogues, to highlight the corporate image and worth.

When it comes to industrial catalogues, a key aspect is an ability to accommodate the biggest possible number of items on one page. By the way, our equipment perfectly serves this purpose, allowing to print catalogues with fine ruling, that ensures high image resolution.

For children’s catalogues, it is essential to have pictures as realistic as possible, as well as lively and rich colors.

Textile goods’ catalogues typically advertise various design series, therefore, color correction of photographs and photoshoot quality shall be given much attention.

In either case, every catalogue is like a single masterpiece of marketing, designing and copywriting art, brought to life by means of printing!