EXPERT OPINION: To keep developing is essential! (part1)

Tatiana Pavlovskaya, Head of Business Development, Marketing Expert, PRINTSTORE GROUP

Only if a company is well aware of its niche, it will be able to become the best and the first in the selected segment. To this end, it is not a good idea to spread oneself into different directions. Only diligent and consistent work on a specific product can reward you with a result a way better than that of your rivals’. For example, our company has gone a long way of involvement and development, and now we can confidently state: Printstore Group of Companies is a factory of catalogs and we are number 1 in our business. One can achieve the same result only if working with the same eagerness and motivation with both global brands and newly-established companies.


Every catalog is a piece of printed art and an effective tool of sales. Printing industry, even in the digital age, has been able to prove that it is the printed media that promote the reputation of brands. And what can be more valuable than the reputation, either of a company or of a person? In this regard, you can trust only high performers.