EXPERT OPINION: With a catalogue, you can say everything about yourself and your business

Valentina Chaplyhina, Sales Manager and Regional Representative of Printstore Group of Companies:

We have had leaflets‬‬, #‎advertisements‬‬ in newspapers and magazines, as well as ‎radio‬, ‎television‬‬, the Internet publications. The result‬‬ is different. Every medium has its pros and cons apart from the fact that they all cost a pretty penny, while being in effect only for a short term and placed next to competitors”. ‬

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This is an example of how many business people may speculate about when choosing the advertising tools, which would add to their profit‬‬‬.

The only instrument that is able to command full attention of prospective consumers of goods or services is undoubtedly ‎a catalogue‬‬. With a catalogue, you can say everything about yourself and your business: products, services, production, quality etc.

And most importantly – your catalogue will not admit your competitors!

In the fight for customers there wins nothing but convincing information with beautiful pictures. This is an axiom. In the catalogue, you can place not only photos of finished products, but also the materials they are made of. At this point, a talented designer may facilitate to bring your commercial offer closer to clients and illustrate its competitive advantages as best he can.
… Finally, a discount coupon cannot but convince anybody to buy your product or service