In our modern world where we can obtain our train or flight tickets directly from our tablets, laptops and smartphones. Therefore printing becomes for many only a second choice. But still there are cases in which you have to necessarily print out your documents such as contracts, receipts or forms of all sorts. For that you need a printer and mostly they are quite space consuming. For all of those who don’t want a big printer, just print every once in a while or people who have to print on the go, there is a new solution: ZUta Labs’ Mini Robotic Printer.

Small size, big performance

The innovative printer made by the startup ZUta from Israel combines handiness with a set of features which enable us to print literally out of our pockets. Using the ZUta printer is similar to using a normal inkjet: Just set up a connection to a computer via Wi-Fi. The device will turn up as any other printer you’ve installed on your computer. On mobile devices you have to download an app (available for Android and iOS), this allows you to print from your smartphone or tablet after setting up a Bluetooth connection. The app lets you control all of the robotic printer’s functions: battery life, ink level and the print jobs. What happens then is pure magic! Simply put the printer on the top left corner of a piece of paper, tell it the size of your page and let it print whatever you like. With its omnidirectional wheels it can move in all directions across the paper. Within 40 seconds you get a fresh print on you page. The small cartridge that carries the ink for the printer lasts for about 100 pages of grayscale text or image prints.

A bright future for the robotic printer

The idea for the little printer was born during Tuvia Elbaum’s (co-founder of ZUta labs) time in college: “Every once in a while, I had to print, but I had to wait until I got home or to the office. So I went online looking for a mobile printer. It came basically from that.” Admittedly there are mobile printers on the market already, but they are not as mobile as one might think. Mostly they’re just small copies of their larger counterparts without the full scale of flexibility. The ZUta robotic printer is a great solution for students who occasionally need to print or business people who travel the world and want to hand their clients a hard copy of a document. For the future the inventors predict even better versions of the handy printer: It will be able to print in color, have a better Wi-Fi capability, print faster and maybe even on other materials than paper. The mobile printer will be available in December in retail stores. Printing enthusiasts who cannot wait can pre-order the device for $299 on ZUta’s website.