Further development and location of new online calculators at www.printstore.com.ua

Our specialists never stop developing, testing and locating new calculators at PrintStore website accompanied with full description of every calculator. Specifically, we have successfully supplemented the list of the existing calculators, i.e. “Print newspapers”, “Print newspapers VIP”, “Print leaflets” and “Print leaflets VIP,” with some more laborious calculators, such as: “Print magazines”, “Print books”, “Print school exercise books”, “Print folders”. Now, in more detail about the mentioned calculator.

“Print magazines.” This calculator allows you to calculate the printing costs for magazines with one or more inside sections requiring different types of paper or color grade, and a cover page. Binding technique: saddle stitched, glued (thermal binder), sewn bound (thread book sewing machine + binder). Printing technique: inside section – web printing for large pressruns. For small pressruns of magazines, sheet fed offset lithography is used.

“Print books.” This calculator help estimating the printing costs for books, notebooks, high-quality catalogues that have one or more inside sections requiring different types of paper or color grade. Binding technique: hardcover (with a hard cardboard cover). Printing technique: inside section – web printing, rotary printing for large pressruns. For small pressruns, sheet printing is used.

It is noteworthy that day by day an increasing number of new users express their interest to our resource. According to statistics, many of users, who were at our website for the first time, keep revisiting it every day. Moreover, we notice a growing number of registered users, who effect payments online with the subsequent placement of orders.

We also have received a lot of positive responses from both clients ordering printing products and marketing consultants and print houses’ owners, shared after they had visited our web-site for the first time. Above all, they mark out its simplicity and convenience in use, attractive design, as well as an opportunity to make appropriate calculation and place order at once.

PrintStore Project has turned out a unifying link in the printing industry, being justified by the fact that print houses’ owners themselves began to contact us with partnership proposals and prospective membership in PrintStore Group of Companies. In particular, during one month after the project was launch, a few well-known companies dealing with large-format printing and those specializing in plastic cards production, have joined in. As a result, you will be able very soon to use other new calculators on our website: “Large-format print” and “Plastic cards production.”