“Gunsel” Journal: from creation to high-quality printing

Publishing and Printing Complex “Intercontinental Ukraine” as a member of PrintStore Group of Companies, is pleased to announce its next accomplishment – the start of a fruitful cooperation with GNS Lines (“Gunsel” Company), which takes the leading position in passenger and cargo transportation in Ukraine, – in part of development of a layout for “Gunsel” Journal and printing of these journals using our magazine press machine.

“Gunsel” Journal is a kind of an icon of this vehicle company, its business card. Therefore, we were assigned an extremely challenging task – to improve the existing design of the journal, to bring new editorial blood into it, to fill it with interesting original articles, interviews with celebrities, and to create an exciting magazine on a high professional level that will be available for its readers who travel in comfortable and cozy buses of “Gunsel” Company.

To relax, while reading a journal, and not to think about the road – this was the main goal that we strived to achieve in the course of designing a new issue.

It was our best designers, layout designers, journalists, and a team of authors, who worked as one on this issue, realizing the importance of the set task. Eventually, we have successfully achieved our goal – in May, an updated “Gunsel” Journal came to the market, with a new design, a fascinating content and a selection of opinion articles on various topics.

Given the upcoming summer season, planning of vacation is a hot topic; therefore, it has become the main topic of the May issue. This issue also contains information, useful for passengers: bus routes and offices of “Gunsel” Company in Ukraine, corporate news, an interview with the guest of editorial office – Aleksey Mochanov, who is a famous race car driver, TV presenter and extraordinary person, as well as a number of original articles on how to plan your vacation, travelling abroad, seven wonders of Ukraine, breath of Lviv in May, Brussels as a city of seven winds, an article about a talented singer Whitney Houston gone too soon, a trailer, a selection of summer recipes, children’s page.

The next issue is going to cover the most topical ever subject related to the European Football Championship – Euro 2012. We believe that football fans will appreciate the analytical materials on the forthcoming football event in the life of our country.

Hopefully, readers now have a good impression of the journal itself and generally of “Gunsel” Company, which initially seeks to ensure comfort for its passengers during their trips in comfy buses. In addition to the development of the journal layout and its high-quality printing, we also participate in filling the journal with advertisements and PR-articles. We feel confident that “Gunsel” Journal represents high potential for advertisers, since among numerous travelers there are sure to be a large number of prospective clients for services advertised herein. You can read any issue of “Gunsel” Journal either using the services of “Gunsel” vehicle company (as the journal is distributed to passengers of Gunsel buses free of charge) or in electronic format on the website www.gunsel.ua.

Have a comfortable journey with Gunsel buses!