Happy New Year!!!)) This is how we celebrated our 5th anniversary and had a New Year office party!))

In every company a New Year office party is certainly one of the most long-expected events of the year, when you want to think only happy and positive thoughts, to wish all the best to each other, when you and other colleagues suddenly step out of the borders of your dear office and soak yourselves into the atmosphere of the New Year’s fairy tale, while right the next day you are sure to learn about yourself a lot of new and interesting things!)) And since this party coincides with our birthday, which we have already celebrated five times, the celebration can’t just fail to turn into a universal commemoration!))

On the eve of the New Year, we look forward to a small miracle … and here a fairy tale has come true!

Almost all of our previous “New Year parties” were virtually accompanied with the sounds of Lezginka and the clinking of crystal glasses with Saperavi wine at the best Georgian restaurants of Kiev)), so traditionally one could expect an exotic atmosphere of mountains. However, this time we were all carried to the no less enchanting Carpathians!) We were warmly welcomed at the restaurant complex “Verhovina” with exotic inhabitants of the local mountains, what immediately reminded us the famous phrase of Mironov – “Fedya, gamebird!”)

Our superb commere: – Well, rise in applause, hardworking companions in arms!!!)))

Hurrah, comrades!!!! Renowned “Cirque du Soleil” begins its New Year’s performance!)

The atmosphere of a warm, positive, merry and exciting festival was created by “Cirque du Soleil,” which was specially invited for the celebration. It was a pleasant surprise for us how thoroughly the commere, who was hosting at this party, studied the five-year history of our company and the file of each employee. Congratulations in verse flew endlessly, a bit implicitly in the beginning, but then opening a clear picture of someone who was referred to. Thatwastrulyamazingandunforgettable! Bravo!!!)

During the whole evening we had not only a bite, but also a drink)) as well as took an active part in funny competitions organized by “Cirque du Soleil”, which made us joyful and smiling like children. In the contest “Catch as many glasses as possible with baggy trousers” our editor in chief, Oleg Slobodyan, left everyone just a bit behind.

For five years we have made impressive headway – back in 2007, we started with a small team of like-minded in the printing industry people; during these five years, we have been steadily gathering pace with the result that we see in the year of 2013 with a lot more team-oriented professionals in the printing business. The year 2012 was crucial for us in terms of gaining a foothold and making a breakthrough ahead due to the launch of the website with printing costs calculators – PrintStore.com.ua.

We have some far-reaching plans in mind – above all, to create an Internet-based resource DesignStorefor the design and development of corporate media, to launch a new printed catalogue of bestsellers and discounts offered by online shops – “Internet Shopping”, to establish Advertising Department. So may success wait upon us in the New Year!