Open Lecture: Trends in Business Communications. Marathon of Insights and Ideas with PSG speaker

30741448_1928252373911860_3853090439133396992_nTrends are the waves that bring our business to the future. If you have experienced a powerful trend in your industry, you will be given additional benefits and opportunities that you have not even dreamt about.

Open Lecture: Trends in Business Communications. Marathon of Insights and Ideas


HUB 4.0 (1/3 Yaroslavskyi lane)



EBA Management Development Centre Team, together with PrintStore Group, invite you to join the Open Lecture: Trends in Business Communications. Marathon of Insights and IdeasThe uniqueness of the topic is that it will be useful both for building and upgrading business communications with all stakeholders of the organization, and for creating and continuous tuning of your own personal brand.


  • Oksana Todorova, President of the Corporate Media Association, a graduated Master in International Marketing and Advertising, certified by MBA Professional of Management & Marketing, Universal Business School.
  • Anfisa Sinova, Marketing Director at PrintStore Group, a graduated Master in Marketing Management, certified by the MBA SIC Professional of Business International.
  • Oleksii Radian, Business owner of the network of «JAN niche concept cosmetics», an editor-in-chief of the corporate magazine «MODNO».

Partner: PrintStore Group

Target audience: specialists in communications, PR- and HR-managers, marketing experts and business owners.

Topics under discussion: 

  • Trends in thematic vectors and genre range of corporate communications.
  • Analysis of changes are made in visual content.
  • Analysis of changes in behavior and expectations of consumers and employees.
  • Popular concepts and key controversies that affect the quality of corporate communications.

After visiting a lecture every participant:

  •  Will be able to see the changes that affected the modern communicative environment.
  • Will find out what competencies in creating content are a must have not only for a communications specialist, but also for a successful business owner.