Production of newspapers, magazines, editorial services, design, layout, rebranding of periodicals by “Intercontinental Ukraine”

Publishing and Printing Complex “Intercontinental Ukraine” Ltd., in addition to periodical publication printing services, also offers to its clients overall manufacturing of magazines, newspapers by order of both publishing houses and individuals, as well as production of advertising catalogues for supermarket chains.

A complex of services includes: creation, rebranding of periodicals – newspapers, magazines, editorial support, design, layout, opinion articles, content, and printing of newspapers, magazines, books, advertising catalogues by web-printing on newsprint, offset, coated or light-weight coated paper.

To create a newspaper or a magazine, there is no need any more to employ and maintain own staff – designers, layout designers, authors etc. It just suffices to agree with us materials (articles, photos) of the desired theme; the rest will be professionally performed by our team of experts having many years’ experience in the area of design, layout, writing articles and supplying content for a newspaper or a magazine, proofreading, preparing layouts for printing, and printing itself on our printing equipment.

Prepress preparation of periodical publications or newspapers includes: – development of the general concept of the edition; – creation of a new design or redesign of the existing edition; – editorial work, project coordination, edition plan elaboration; – writing opinion articles on the required topic and providing informational content in specific columns: politics, economics, world news, science and technology, tourism, sport, culture, entertainment; – photographing; – photo editing; – pages’ design; – layout; – proofreading; – posting of  advertisements and PR-articles.

In the course of the project, we supply interesting articles, implement a new design of higher quality that will boost interest of readers towards your publication, as well as post advertisements.

We also suggest you trying our typographic facilities to print materials of publishing houses of your choice. The specifics of our production – printing newspapers and magazines by web-printing. Equipment stock: 1. KBA Compacta commercial web offset presses unit (with gas dryer). 2. UniSet MAN Roland newsprint two-cylinder web offset presses unit. 3. Heidelberg Printmaster sheet-fed premium unit. 4. Muller Martini post-press finishing equipment.

Here, you can be proposed to print on paper of low grammage in order to substantially save costs on large pressruns.

The remarkable innovation introduced by our company is the service – online printing calculators, with which you are able to quickly calculate the cost of printing services directly online at the website. This service provides for a selection of optimal parameters of a publication, plan your budget for printing products’ production, place online an order for printing, and obtain high-quality printing products within the required time limits.