Running Event – colorful marathon at Exhibition of National Economy Achievements, June 2014

Have you ever tried yourself in running? If your answer is “Yes!”, then let us put it differently – what about the marathon for as many as 5 km?!)) PrintStore Group has had such experience! And here is the result: almost all of us(except for a couple of the least trained) crossed the finishing line, moreover, not in last!!

One day, there comes a point of time when the abstract statement “a sound mind in a sound body!” becomes real!)) When you run, you realize that our office,being on the fifth floor, is for good reason, and daily exercises for running upstairs to our office on the fifth floor for several times a day are still rewarded: legs get stronger, calves are worked out, most of the staff are proud of their athletic build, we feel a lot of stamina, many do not smoke and live a healthy lifestyle!))

In the course of the marathon, many of us couldn’t keep from smiling, when recalling hurried breathing and cheerful faces of our clients, who finally managed to get to our office climbing up a spiral staircase, despite the lack of a lift!)) It is like free fitness, offered as an extra bonus in addition to the total discount for printing services!))

Some of our participants, to tell the truth, walkedsome part of the distance, following the principle that it’s not the winning, it’s the taking part! Meanwhile, some of us even didn’trealize that the distance had beencovered,being ready to take the second round by inertia! As Vysotskysang in his famous song – “he started with a jerk for ten thousand, like for five hundred …”, and still did not kick the bucket!))

Generally speaking, the results of this race for the first time are perfect!!! A whole lot ofpositive emotions, excellent mood and viable energy, which are going to fill us for the whole year ahead!)) Well, now weaim to take the winning places in the next runs!))

For the time being, we confidently participate in the championship for winning a client!))