Stationers’ focus on printers for 2017 awards entries


The 2017 Stationers’ Company Innovation Excellence Awards is urging printers to enter the awards as the closing date for entries draws nearer.


Tony Mash, Stationers’ Company industry committee chairman and event organiser, said the Stationers’ Company is “very keen to see printers come in”.

It has listed various sectors of the UK Communications and Content industry, such as design and advertising and printing machinery, to encourage these areas to get involved.

The Stationers’ Company also wants to remind the industry that the Awards are free to enter and open to all companies and organisations, regardless if they are Stationers’ Company members.

The Stationers’ Company will retain the overall Innovator of the Year award but launched the five additional categories listed below to meet the rising numbers of candidates the awards were experiencing:

  • Novel manufacturing technology in paper, print, print supplies and machinery, bookbinding or packaging
  • Innovative application of digital technologies across all Communications and Content sectors
  • Creative means of communicating with target audiences in publishing, magazine, newspaper, advertising, books and broadcasting sectors
  • Novel product designs for retail markets in office supplies and book retailing
  • New communication programmes that enhance social development with a focus on community projects, education and the environment

It believes the extra categories will open the awards to “different kinds of innovation” as they appeal to “very different worlds”.

Mash explained that the Stationers’ Company is already expecting more entrants than last year for the 2017 Awards.

“We started as a small operation with no more than about 20 entries in the first year. Last year’s was 49 and we are anticipating further growth this year.”

“Conversations I’ve had with trade association colleagues have indicated that they are fielding some of their best candidates which is very encouraging. We have started receiving entries, although the nature of the beast normally is that most of them arrive on the day before,” said Mash.

The closing date for applicants is 9 April 2017 and the shortlist will be announced roughly a month after this.

The 2017 Awards will host a lunch at Stationers’ Hall on the 20th June where the winners will be announced. 

The shortlist of candidates will also be invited to exhibit their innovations at the event.

“One of our goals is to get the sharing of their practice around our industries. We want to give these guys a chance to show their innovations but also promote themselves.”