Unusual daily briefing at Printstore Group in the smoke of Cuban cigars!))

Dear friends, 

You should not come to think that today we have decided to instill in you a love for cigar smoke, or advertise the best in the world Cohiba Cuban cigars. We are simply eager to share with you those unusual feelings, which gets an ordinary person, anticipating the taste of Cuban exotic. By the way, it was Cohiba cigars that were preferred at their time by such stars as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis and Sylvester Stallone, who were alike not only in their brutal characters, but also in their passion for the same class of Cuban cigars – Cohiba. Therefore, today the Printstore’s team felt like stars, along with such celebrities!))

It was today, when our leading expert in the seas and oceans, the Head of Travel Department in our company, cutie Olga Holyavskaya came back from an exciting two-week trip to a distant Cuba, presented to us a full box of real Cuban cigars, and narrated about her unforgettable impressions!

And now is the most interesting part! Olga states that every person can feel like a millionaire, when tasting unusual exotic cigars. To test this, we ask everyone to make themselves comfortable, relax with the whole body, abstract themselves from the vanity of the world, and travel mentally to the coast of Cuba, feeling the breeze and the sound of the ocean.

We open a box of Cohiba Cuban cigars, take one, cut the cap of the cigar with the guillotine (with the one for cigars, not printing materials!!), dip the cut edge of the cigar into rum (if any), light the cigar, obligatory holding it in teeth, while taking smoke in with lips, as if we are kissing it))) but not breathing the smoke into the lungs!!), slowly blow the smoke, maybe with rings!)), and at the same time have a cup of coffee. 

As soon as we get full of this exotic to our hearts’ content, we do not extinguish a cigar, but just gently put it, and let it die a natural death…

Enjoying these exotic sensations, we are in no hurry, the world can wait…

Well, now, dear millionaires, wake up, shake yourselves, cheer up – and again get down to the battle for your client, as steadfast as a tin soldier, thus bringing at least a bit closer your golden dream. By the way, at the next meeting with a potential client why not to offer him to digress a little from the course of intensive negotiations, and laze tasting an unforgettable aroma of Cuban cigars … it may work, who knows))))) At the very least, the client will memorize these talks for the rest of his life!))

P.S. In the morning meeting, no Cuban cigar was hurt!) We all promote a healthy lifestyle, and the same we wish to you!!))