www.printstore.com.ua Project Startup

April 09th, 2011 was a field day in the history of “Intercontinental Ukraine.” We successfully developed and launched a unique service in the printing industry – www.printstore.com.ua, a website with online printing costs calculators that enable anyone to estimate the price for printing products as well as place an order online within few minutes.

Printing market has always been a fast-paced segment. With the development of the Internet technologies, this tendency has further intensified making many printing houses create their pages in the Internet. The idea of creating a website with printing costs calculators occurred to us as early as Internet technologies had just begun to evolve. However, it took rather long to seize the opportunity of developing customer-oriented high-tech and knowledge-intensive software products, with their subsequent implementation on web platform.

We were eager to offer something more than a standard website operating in the printing industry, which usually informs clients about all production facilities of that printing house or, if one is fortunate, allows to complete an inquiry for printing costs calculation. As practice shows, it normally takes very long for print house personnel to respond, although the today printing industry cannot admit of no delays, since every print production manager used to hear from their customers the phrase “required yesterday!”

Unlike numerous web-sites in the printing industry, our resource offers to you within one minute to calculate costs of printing products of your interest as well as select various parameters of the product, experiment with different formats and a number of copies to be printed, a number of pages, paper density, color grade, thus saving plenty of your time and enjoying the total simplicity and transparency of the computation processes.

The idea of the PrintStore.com.ua Project is to inform printing market participants about the actual, not overestimated prices on printed products at high quality of their production. Here, everything is clear and explicit. Do you know your technical parameters? Are you sure about the number of copies to be printed?.. An appropriate calculator will immediately let you know the real printing costs. To ensure high-quality printing products, each calculator provides for top class printing equipment, which is considered most technologically appropriate (i.e. optimal in price terms) for the production of your printed products.

Furthermore, we have endeavored to reduce bureaucratic delays with ordering procedure and protracted calculation of printing costs. Apparently, we all have gone through the situation when we fritted away our precious time due to subjective reasons and other human factors. Therefore, for your convenience, as soon as you have calculated the printing costs at www.printstore.com.ua, you may immediately proceed to ordering, view the detailed information about the order, which is generated automatically, print it, if necessary, and give your layout designer all exhaustive technical requirements needed to get layouts ready for printing.